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​12 Days of Kettlebells | Day 9 - Christmas Exercise Set 6

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Jul 13th 2021

12 Days of Kettlebells

Day 9 - Christmas Exercise Set 6

Christmas is getting closer but there’s no time for rest: our 9th day of  kettlebells is our toughest workout so far! So don’t even think about that Turkey just yet and let’s get to it!

On the 9th Day of Christmas,  Kettlebell Kings gave to me:

50  Kettlebell Swings

20 Russian Twists

40 Snatch

20 Russian Twists

30 Cleans

20 Russian Twists

20 Around the Worlds

20 Russian Twists

10 Goblet Squats

20 Russian Twists

This is a total body workout out to get you feeling fit and healthy. (Or should that be fit and ‘Elf’y!) The goal is to see how fast you complete these exercises but as always make sure you maintain good form and don’t rush. Check out our YouTube channel for a video walkthrough:

There’s lots of different exercises in this one so it’s important you’re selecting the right weight each time. Don’t be afraid to switch weights on each exercise so you have a weight you’re comfortable with. Having a complete set of kettlebells is important!

Just a few more days now until our  Kettlebell Christmas countdown is complete!