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Powder Coat Kettlebell

€60.49 - €520.29
All Taxes Included


About The Bells

Single cast

Our Powder Coat kettlebells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. Most kettlebells have the handles welded on which makes them break easier. Casting from a single piece of metal gives more durability to the kettlebell.

Easy weight identification

 Colored bands specific to certain weights, identify the kettlebell without picking up or rolling it over, bands are coded for easy identification.


In kilograms and pounds so you always know which weight you are working with in either measurement.


Powder coating make a great gripping surface when your hands are sweating, also holds chalk better than all other kettlebell paint options like matte or e-coat.

Size Guide

Handle diameter
Distance between handles
Handle outside distance
Total height
Kilograms Handle diameter Distance between handles Handle outside distance Total height4 KG 4 KG

4 KG

30 mm

81 mm

141,5 mm

154 mm

6 KG

29 mm

105 mm

162 mm

181 mm


31 mm

125 mm

165 mm

192 mm

10 KG

33 mm

135 mm

197 mm

208 mm

12 KG


124 mm

187 mm

220 mm

14 KG

32 mm

123 mm

186 mm

233 mm

16 KG

33 mm

127 mm

193 mm

241 mm

18 KG

33 mm

127 mm

194 mm

247 mm

20 KG

38 mm

128 mm

198 mm

255 mm

22 KG

38 mm

124 mm

200 mm

267 mm

24 KG

39 mm

122 mm

198 mm

265 mm

28 KG

40 mm

122 mm

199 mm

277 mm

32 KG

39.5 mm

130 mm

205 mm

289 mm

36 KG

39 mm

129 mm

206 mm

297 mm

40 KG

39 mm

128 mm

206,5 mm

303 mm

44 KG

39 mm

129 mm

207 mm

313 mm

48 KG

39 mm

129 mm

207 mm

321 mm

56 KG

42 mm

132 mm

213 mm

339 mm

68 KG

41 mm

159 mm

240 mm

355 mm

80 KG

45 mm

166 mm

256 mm

377 mm

92 KG

47.5 mm

173 mm

267 mm

392 mm

Our New & Improved
Painting Process

Powder Coat kettlebells are made from Cast Iron and then painted with Powder Coating to protect the iron and improve grip texture for grueling workouts. Powder Coating is one of the most durable types of paint available on top of kettlebells.

We Have updated the painting process on our powder coat kettlebells to make the paint even more durable than before.

What Did
We Update?

We tested our paint and others to find the most durable paint to withstand abrasion and chose a new paint.

We enacted a thorough chemical cleaning process to the metal before paint is applied for better adhesion of the paint to the bare metal, dust and dirt often accumulates before painting which reduces paint adhesion (others do not do this).

We bake these in the oven longer for better adhesion of paint to the metal.

We paint the color band on after the black paint. Everyone else paints the color on the handle before, then tapes over it and applies black paint, then peels the tape off. This leads to sharp ridges and paint lines. We elliminate these in our process.

If you are looking for durability and quality, look no further than Kettlebell Kings. I tried just about every major brand of bells on the market, and none comes close to Kettlebell Kings. Excellent powder coat finish that isn't too smooth that you need to chalk up; or too gritty that you'd beat up your hands. Perfect for snatches, cleans and swings. Will definitely order more bells in the future.

Ross R., United States

Why Kettlebell Kings are different:

Recessed Logo

Our Cast Iron Powder Coated Kettlebells have recessed logos into the kettlebell. The Kettlebell Kings logo pictured above is recessed in the bell for increased comfort during lifting. Kettlebells with logos that are stamped or extruding (like most other brands) may cause discomfort during lifting when the logo makes contact with your hands, wrist and forearm. Additionally, if the logo is not in the bell itself it is inserted or glued in which will come out over time and create discomfort during lifts.

Smooth Finish & Rejection Rate

When kettlebells come out of the mold they are still rough with edges and seams that tear up your hands if not polished off. To reduce cost, most companies will fill these space with putty and paint over to create a smooth service. Having a lower rejection rate keeps cost down because these companies paint over anything. These will erode over time and the bell more easily loses paint. We reject these bells. We only paint over pristine bells. Our bells are polished free of imperfections when they come out of the mold and then painted with powder coating to improve grip texture. Having a smooth finish protects your hands, wrists and forearms

Lifetime Warranty

No one else offered lifetime warranties on their cast iron kettlebells. We guarantee the structural integrity of the kettlebell for your lifetime. Check the warranty of any other kettlebell.

Free Shipping

Kettlebells normally ship for almost as much as they cost!


United Kingdom



Best Service
For Our Customers

Kettlebell Training Programs

get faster results

Kettlebell Origins

€29.99 €9.99

*on this page only

This program runs for four weeks, with four workouts each week + active recovery. You can repeat this program multiple times to improve your strength although this is a one time purchase, you will have access forever. This program is mobile friendly and has a free mobile app access so you can access on any mobile device, your TV or just pop in your headphones and listen to instructions!
For all ranges of kettlebell users from brand new to experienced. Ready to build strength, improve athleticism, increase grip strength, lose fat, and build an injury proof body with your kettlebell?


€29.99 €9.99

*on this page only

This program is designed to help you gain muscle with kettlebells with more advanced movements. Ideally, you use a few kettlebells for this program, though we do have video instructions about how to modify for just one kettlebell. This program is designed for awesome mobile experience with follow along workouts and comes with free mobile app access so you can access on any mobile device, your TV or just pop in your headphones and listen to instructions!

Fat Loss

€29.99 €9.99

*on this page only

If your goal is to get stronger then the focus needs to be on using more weight and more reps. If the goal is fat loss then the focus must be on caloric intake. Without a caloric deficit zero pounds are coming off. But when there’s a caloric deficit AND progress through intensity magic happens. This program was designed to maximize fat loss while still building explosive strength and power. You’ll need a couple of kettlebells (one lighter and one heavier) to get the best results with this program, but it can be one with one kettlebell. We provide explicit how to's inside the program to operate with one or two kettlebells.

Kettlebell Fundamentals

$149.99 $99.99

*on this page only

This course is designed to achieve safe and effective performance of basic kettlebell movements and a handful of meaningful variations that will elevate your skills a coach. Complete the assessments at the end and earn a certificate of completion. After this course you should be able to demonstrate the following: Safety 101 to keep yourself and your client from harm, Why it's important to focus on the breath, Our favorite mobility warmup and screening, How to prepare for the rigors of kettlebell work, The hinge leading into the deadlift and variations, The swing and variations ,The clean and variations. The press and variations. Pass assessments when you complete the course and earn a certificate of completion! CEUs available for trainers.

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