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Kettlebell Athletic Development

Posted by BigCommerce on Mar 3rd 2021

Traditional kettlebell training does a phenomenal job of improving our overall strength and endurance which is essential. That is the base that every at … read more

The Hardstyle One Arm Swing

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Feb 4th 2021

Kettlebell swing View demonstrations below The Hardstyle 1 - Arm Swing is focused on power development and alignment with integrity under load. If you want to train your swing to maximize … read more

The Ten Commandments of Kettlebell Training

Posted by Kettlebell Kings on Feb 4th 2021

By Phil McDougall A light-hearted guide covering the most important principles of all kettlebell training. Thou shalt not try to hammer a bent nail. Rate movement ability above load lifted … read more